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Whitepaper: The changing face of outlets 

For the first time, Coniq have conducted research which focuses specifically on the outlet sector in Europe. Coniq analysed c. 4 million transactions in 10 countries over two years, looking at the spending behaviours of loyalty customers, their relative value to the outlet and how factors such as tourism affected each country.

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This report analyses:
· The value and spending behaviours of key customer segments
· Pan-European Average Transaction Value (ATV) of loyalty customers
· ATV variations and growth rates by country
· Variations between tourist and domestic loyalty customers
· The most influential countries of origin for tourism spend

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Shopping centre loyalty: An industry perspective

This whitepaper provides shopping centre professionals with a definitive view on the current state of shopping centre loyalty. Extensive research was carried out among over 500 shopping centre owners, managers, retailers and shoppers from across the world.

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This fact-packed whitepaper contains the following, plus plenty more:
· Shopping centre and retailer adoption of shopping centre loyalty
· Industry challenges surrounding loyalty and how they are overcome
· Geographical and retail format differences in adoption and usage
· How much the industry expects to budget for a loyalty program
· The tenant perspective on centre loyalty and top performers
· What shoppers expect from a loyalty program