Who are they?

The Heart of London Business Alliance promises to galvanise partnerships and ignite projects that change the landscape of the Business Improvement District area; supporting the commercial well-being of all the 500 businesses they represent.


Heart of London wanted an exclusive way of rewarding employees working within the BID – encouraging positive participation whilst at the same time increasing internal footfall and revenue.

We have been delighted with the take-up of the WOW Card scheme – it has helped us create a hype around the BID and reward its employees, while at the same time increasing the revenues of the businesses they work for. It’s a win/win situation!

Emma Huckerby - BID Communications Marketing Executive


WOW Privilege Scheme

With the help of Coniq’s technology and expertise, Heart of London has created the WOW Privilege Scheme; an exclusive reward program deployed through an app and card that gives employees access to the best promotions and discounts within the BID. It allows them to experience the West End like never before, with premier access to top brands such as Pizza Express, Bella Italia, Angus Steakhouse, Yates, and Cineworld.

Heart of London Marketing

Coniq’s first-of-its-kind platform allows the BID’s marketing team to manage its entire portfolio with ease from any computer. With access to email, social, and mobile channels, Heart of London has been able to build up a database of customers to whom they can communicate their campaigns, offers, promotions, and events. Their results page allows them to see in real-time which of these are popular, which customers are redeeming,  and in which stores. This gives them valuable insight into the relative success of their marketing efforts.

The WOW Card

As well as delivering a sense of exclusivity, the cards carry unique trackable codes that allow the BID to monitor the results of the offers and promotions provided. As a result, the BID’s has been able to improve its marketing; working with businesses to strategically develop their proposition and then measure the impact.

The WOW Privilege Card Mobile App

The app acts as both a mobile reward card, and a means of raising awareness and increasing the accessibility of the scheme. It showcases the promotions and offers available, using GPS to help employees locate the relevant stores & geo-fencing software to send push notifications when employees are within a certain distance.