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Shopping Centres Are Changing

The world’s most successful and advanced shopping centres’ focus has shifted from attracting increased footfall, to attracting the right shoppers to their shopping centres. These are high spending loyal shoppers. To do this, they must understand who these customers are, which brands they like, what is in their baskets, and how much they are spending. Coniq provides the technology and expertise to identify these customers, understand trends, and then use this data to optimise and streamline marketing activities to change behaviour


Prove the value of your centre


Track spend data from the till


Increase spend and dwell time


Discover new insight

Identify trends and profiles

30% of your shoppers account for 75% of your centres turnover*, Coniq identifies these customers for you

*Source Coniq IQ 2014 data from 16 UK and EU Programs

Streamline your marketing

Know which channels to optimise and invest in with more visibility on which channels bring people into your centre. The Coniq platform allows you to view how different offers and campaigns effect shopper transaction amounts in your centre









sales per £1 of spend

Change behaviour

Make your marketing campaigns more relevant with segmentation and personalisation of relevant offers, encouraging customers to increase engagement with your centre. Launch a centre-wide data-driven loyalty scheme, or an exclusive club to increase dwell time for your highest spenders. Provide a tiered scheme based on customer activity  to increase customer frequency and spend.

The Shopping Centre iQ toolbox features

Build and run loyalty and rewards programs

Real-time monitoring of tenant sales

Automated marketing tools that work while you sleep

Email, text, share and post direct from the iQ toolbox

Engage shoppers through mobile Apps

Use iBeacons to trigger rewards

Don’t take our word for it

Coniq works with over 15 shopping centre and city wide programs, covering:

  • Over 650 brands

  • Across 9 countries

  • +€1bn in tracked sales a year

  • +10M shoppers engaged

  • +6M rewards redeemed

Coniq Modules for Shopping Centres

We recommend the Coniq shopping centre suite to be the managed by our Marketing and Project managers to help you optimise tenant engagement, and get your scheme off the ground. From our experience with working with over 15 European shopping centres, and  hundreds of brands, we recommend these Coniq modules.

iQ Loyalty Builder

iQ Loyalty Builder

iQ Insight Reporter

iQ Insight Reporter

iQ Omni Channel Tracker

iQ Omni Channel Tracker

iQ Marketing Toolbox

iQ Marketing Toolbox

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