Who are your top customers? Tombo knows!

By August 26, 2011Blog

Footfall123 now trades as Coniq.

One of the big challenges when you open a new restaurant is working out who your best customers are, and making sure they come back as often as possible. This was the thinking behind the launch of Tombo’s new loyalty stamp card – and boy is it working. tombo loyalty card

The idea is simple: Give every customer a nicely designed card, collect their contact details, and ask them to present it each time they come in. Every fifth time their card is presented, the customer is given 20% off their order – simples. What’s important for the business is that you know exactly who owns each of the cards, so you can easily see who you top customers are at any time.

Why’s that good? Well, once you know who your customers are, you can invite your top clients in for things such as private new menu tastings to get feedback before you launch, or encourage them to bring friends. What’s more you can also identify any customers that have stopped coming in, and encourage them to come back with specific deals just for them!

Tombo’s card scheme is going from strength to strength: over 700 cards have been issued in 3 months, with almost 3,000 loyalty transactions. We can’t name names, but Tombo’s top customer has been in 83 times, with others not far behind – now that’s some serious Japanese deli-loving…