iQ Clicks to Bricks

A unique integration with Google Adwords that allows you to track your online searchers all the way to the instore tills.

iQ Omni-Channel tracker

Inform your marketing budget allocation by being able to compare and measure your online and offline channels.

We join up Adwords with your till

Making marketing more measurable

Coniq’s iQ Clicks To Bricks is a unique integration between the Coniq platform and Google Adwords which benefits any business with a physical point of sale, or any business that wants to open one.

Coniq matches every paid search with the shopper’s subsequent offline purchase at the point of sale. Even more interesting,  Coniq tracks the transaction data from the receipt, and feeds that information back into the Google Adwords dashboard. So beyond the loyalty component of the Coniq product offering, you are now able to drive new traffic through paid search, which directly leads to offline store conversions.

Intrigued? Here’s how it works…

A customer searches on Google  for “cosmetics near X” and sees your Adwords ad for a free gift box. They then click on your Adwords ad.

The customer then visits your landing page which requires them to signup to receive the gift box. Upon completion, the customer receives a unique code.

Your customer goes into your store to redeem their offer. At the point of sale the code is scanned using the Coniq standalone scanners or via Coniq Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) integration.

Where the magic happens…

Your adwords analytics just got a whole lot more awesome.. You can now see online AND offline spend directly from the point of sale (POS)

Coniq iQ Clicks to Bricks makes it possible to view the true results of  your online marketing efforts in your offline store.  It allows you to know how many of your customers, who didn’t convert online, actually went into your physical business and bought the item or redeemed the offer.

Coniq ‘iQ Clicks to Bricks’ allows you to track off-line customers the same way you track online customers, allowing you to measure your marketing more effectively. Coniq can match transaction data with other information collected from that customer through the sign up process or within your existing database, to gain a more holistic view of your customers.

“The best retailers are now starting to treat their offline businesses like their online ones…it is a world of traffic, conversion, upsell and basket size”

Ben Chesser, Coniq

iQ Omni Channel Tracker

The Coniq Omni Channel Tracker forms the basis of the Coniq platform; allowing every campaign, card, and channel to be tracked and measured. This allows you to streamline and optimise your marketing based on what is really working, removing the need for guesswork. You can measure your true ROI online and offline, and know which marketing campaigns and channels to invest in.











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Marketing All In One Package

Make your marketing more intelligent

Acquire, Track and Manage your marketing with the iQ Marketing Toolbox

iQ Marketing Toolbox

Benefits of iQ Clicks to Bricks

Prove your real marketing ROI for the first time

Know which ads are most successful and optimise your marketing

Make better use of your marketing spend

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