The Coniq data-driven marketing and loyalty platform allows you to better understand your customers in bricks and mortar locations, whilst tracking their journey from online and mobile channels using unique tracking codes. The Coniq platform makes it possible to easily personalise your communications, then better target your customers with more measurable marketing and loyalty campaigns.

Create intelligent Loyalty

Manage and promote marketing campaigns or loyalty schemes directly from the Coniq platform. They can each be tracked and measured from the till point.

Measure Your Clicks to Bricks

Coniq’s unique code based marketing tools allow you to track your customers’ conversion from digital channel campaigns to their in-store spend, allowing you to prove your true marketing ROI.

Gain more customer insight

Learn more about your customers’ behaviour and manage, segment, and target them within your Coniq database. This allows you to cultivate actionable insights that can better inform future campaigns.

Coniq Platform Modules

iQ Loyalty Builder

Create a beautifully branded loyalty scheme and promote it. Build your database, and track customers to the point of sale.

iQ Insight Reporter

Use the insight reporter to learn more about your customers in order to make more informed business and marketing decisions.

iQ Omni Channel Tracker

Allocate your marketing budget wisely by being able to compare and measure your online and offline channels.

iQ Clicks to Bricks

A unique integration with Google AdWords that allows you to track your online searchers all the way to your in-store tills.

iQ Marketing Toolbox

Leverage Coniq’s marketing tech to create, brand, capture, promote, communicate, and track campaigns all from one log in.

iQ Database Manager

Easily view your customers’ behaviour then group and target them using dynamic filters to make your marketing more personalised.