We are delighted to announce that VIA Outlets has completed another successful launch of its Fashion Club program in Fashion Arena Prague Outlet.

VIA Outlets is a leader in premium fashion outlets in Europe and has a portfolio covering 11 centres in 9 different countries – 7 of these now have a loyalty programme live with Coniq, with further outlets due to launch later this month.


Photo courtesy: VIA Outlets

Fashion Arena Prague Outlet is based 25 minutes away from the centre of Prague and is the largest outlet centre in the Czech Republic. It accommodates over 100 premium outlets and restaurants.

The loyalty programme has seen great success in the other centres and will distinguish the Fashion Arena Prague Outlet from any other retail destination in the Czech Republic. The scheme is bringing great customer understanding and insight to VIA Outlets.

“As an innovator in the industry, VIA Outlets has created a hugely successful loyalty program and we are extremely proud to be part of its continued growth,” says Ben Chesser, CEO of Coniq.

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