About the session

Catch up on this thought provoking session that took place on the 28th May 2015, designed to help Asset Managers and Shopping Centre Marketing Managers to optimise their marketing by measuring the right metrics.

 Measuring marketing in a physical location has never been particularly straightforward in any industry. The very nature of a Shopping Centre presents a further challenge for the marketing team, given the multi-retailer/POS environment.

This session, presented by Ben Chesser, CEO of Coniq, provides new methods and metrics to improve the way you measure your marketing, beyond footfall counters, exit surveys, online analytics and reported sales data (where available). Ben then discusses how to use your improved measurement strategies to streamline and optimise your shopping centre marketing moving forward.

This session covered these key points:

  • Why measure marketing in a shopping centre?
  • What are the most commonly used marketing methods and metrics?
  • How to measure campaign and channel effectiveness
  • How to measure conversion
  • How to measure and increase retailer engagement
  • Then, how to capitalize on new measurement techniques to increase asset value.

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