The first extensive study on Shopping Centre Loyalty, by Coniq, finds that 25% of shopping centres have currently implemented a centre wide loyalty program, and over 60% are planning to introduce one by 2019.

Loyalty is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Loyalty specialists, Coniq have just released a shopping centre loyalty whitepaper which examines the benefits, uses, challenges and opinions around shopping centre loyalty. In the first survey of its kind over 500 shopping centre owners, managers and retailers as well as customers from across the world were surveyed.

Shopping Centre Loyalty Whitepaper

The Shopping Centre Owner/Manager Perspective

Over 60% of Shopping Centres expect to implement a program in the next 3 years with 40% of which are planning to introduce one in the next year. Loyalty programs are seen to be adding value to the shopping centre industry as a whole by increasing sales, improving the customer experience and providing valuable shopper data.

[when discussing their loyalty program] “We are able to discover gaps in our data and target customers with relevant messaging – this will always be useful to both tenants and management”. – Shopping Centre Manager

The top 4 reasons to implement loyalty are: Increasing sales, Gaining shopper data, improved shopper experience and building brand awareness and loyalty.Shopping Centre Loyalty World Map

The Tenant Perspective

Shopping Centres aren’t the only ones interested in loyalty programs, 71% of retailers who occupy space within shopping centres are interested in joining a centre wide loyalty program. For tenants, their initial concerns revolve around the technology. However these initial concerns are quick to disappear with 90% of tenants who are using Coniq’s technology finding it ‘easy to implement’ and ‘quick to use’ as it does not interfere with any existing technology. All parties agree that tenant engagement is essential to shopping centre loyalty success.

“We were initially worried about the technology and training the staff, but once this was done, it was actually very straightforward”. – Retailer enrolled in a shopping centre loyalty program

“Really good concept and a lot of people know about it and use it. The push notifications work really well for us and customers love it”. – Retailer enrolled in a shopping centre loyalty program

The Shopper Perspective

– Over 60% of shoppers who were surveyed stated that they are more likely to register for a loyalty program if they were told by retailers at the point of sale. 50% of shoppers would prefer to use their mobile app to manage their points and to find the latest rewards. The physical card is proving to be just as important in particular for the activation stage, with over 80% of shoppers using a physical card to register for the program in store.

Ben Chesser, Coniq’s founder and CEO said “This research has given us a real insight into the minds of all those involved in loyalty programs. We already know that shopping centres are keen to implement loyalty programs, but what is interesting is that tenants are starting to ask for them too. I think as the awareness for these programs grows more and more, we will begin to see a shift towards tenants asking their shopping centre to implement a loyalty program.”

To see all of the results from this research and for a copy of the whitepaper, please click here.

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