Drop by and meet us at MAPIC, we’d love to see how we can help you launch your own shopper engagement solution and all the benefits that come with it such as powerful CRM, extensive sales data, loyal customers and much more.

This year, we’re kicking MAPIC off a day early as official sponsors of the MAPIC Outlet Summit where we’ll also be presenting.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it a day early, we’ll have a stand once again at: P-1.B12. Come and say hi, we’re a very friendly bunch.

You can also use the form on this page to book a time with us to make sure that we’ll be able to have a proper chat.

Also, don’t forget to catch our presentations this year…

MAPIC Outlet Summit Presentation:

How Can Outlets Retain Their Competitive Advantage?

 17:45, Tuesday, 14th November, Verriere Grand Auditorium
Palais des Festivals Level 1

During this session, we’ll be highlighting the competitive advantage outlets have over full price shopping malls and most important, how outlets can retain this advantage.
Outlets are in a powerful position where they operate in an envinment that is perfect for digital, loyalty and CRM. Ben will discuss how outlets can captitalise this advantage and what the future will hold. We’ll also be sharing some of our high-level data samples to highlight to key differences between outlets and full priced shopper malls.
From insider knowledge to upcoming trends you need to be aware of, this high-level session will be vital for those in the outlet sector and beyond.
We know not everyone wants to get started a day early, so don’t worry if you’re not at the Summit, as we’ll be sharing recordings and summaries once MAPIC comes to a close.

Innovation Forum Presentation:

Your Database – The Biggest Asset In Your Portfolio

 14:00, Thursday, 16th November, Innovation Forum, Palais -1

‘When Caesars Entertainment went bankrupt in 2015, auditors valued its loyalty database at $1bn, more even than its property on the Las Vegas strip.’

Your business model is changing. It’s been hugely noticed at Coniq with a huge influx of CRM and loyalty programmes appearing in the industry. Databases are becoming huge assets and more frequently, the biggest asset in portfolios.

During this session, we’ll take you through how you can start to make sense of your changing business model and the innovation you want to incorporate, and the innovation you want to avoid.

By the end of this session, you’ll know exactly how to take your existing database and turn it into a powerful tool and, most importantly, a high-value asset.

We’ll also have some awesome Coniq prizes available for people who can think up some of the most challenging questions to Ben at the end of the session.

PropertyEU Live Panel:

Retail Innovation & Technology

 10:30 – 11:30, Thursday, 16th November, Redevco Stand (P-1.M51) Innovation Forum, Palais -1

Join Ben on a PropertyEU panel as they focus on innovation and technology and look at the concrete ways this can boost your business. What are the key trends in the market now and the coming trends which will impact on your business? Innovation and technology will play a major role for consumers, brands, retail real estate owners, investors and asset managers as well as developers. How can you harness innovation and technology to really drive your business forward. Benefit from the views of Ben and other leading companies in this sector, share your views and ask your questions in this time-efficient, interactive discussion.

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