Loyal customers create 665,000€ worth of sales

By April 16, 2012Blog

Footfall123 is now trading as Coniq.


  • CLIENT: Kiehl’s – L’Oreal Spain Group
  • INDUSTRY: Cosmetics
  • SITES: 16 shops across Spain
  • LOCATION: Spain
  • WEB:  http://www.kiehls.es/

Kiehl’s was founded as an old-world apothecary in New York’s East Village over 150 years ago. Kiehl’s extensive experience has resulted in a unique blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal and medicinal knowledge developed over generations.

Since Kiehl’s was launched in Spain they have used Footfall123 to manage their loyalty programme. They currently have more than 50,000 customers on their loyalty programme who, last year, spent more than 665,000€ in Kiehl’s shops.

Kiehl’s management team are very happy with the programme’s results. Staff in charge of managing the loyalty programme and customer sales assistants all say how easy Footfall123 is to use.

In one year Kiehl’s has opened a new shop every month, in different cities across Spain and they trust Footfall123 to guarantee the success of their loyalty programme in all of these stores.

“We are very happy with the results achieved with the loyalty programme which was only possible with Footfall123. We are now considering using Footfall123 across our other brands in the L’Oreal group in Spain.”