How to create a successful marketing campaign

By May 25, 2012Blog

Define your Objective

Make sure right from the start you have set in stone your main objective and what you ultimately aim to achieve as a result of your campaign. You should also create a timeline and a set of short-term and long-term goals within this timescale, this can extend to after your campaign has finished.

Focus on your differences

Your marketing campaign should focus on the qualities that make you and your product different from your competitors. This is fundamental to your campaign. Avoid focusing on your competitors too much, but rather on yourself and the key elements of your business that stand out from the crowd.

Know your field

Try to establish yourself as an expert in your field so that your customers trust your product and services. Give advice out freely whether it is via a blog or regular newsletter, this helps build a relationship of trust, credibility and also familiarity.

Research Your Customers

Firstly attempt to know where your customers will be when you aim to start your campaign. For example take into account holidays/time of year. Make sure you have in place a way to communicate with your customers so you can inform them prior to your campaign. You could do this via social media or directly by email.

Making Attractive Offers

Send customers an incentive to participate in your campaign, through an attractive offer, free membership etc. In addition you could promote your own campaign by incorporating it into tags, menus, leaflets, logos, discount codes etc. In line with this make sure users can easily connect and participate in the campaign.

Setting a Budget

Set the separate budget for each phase of your campaign depending on the different territories where you want to launch your campaign. Breaking costs of each phase separately would help you to measure success of each phase so that you can understand which part of marketing campaign works better than others.

Measuring Results

Set benchmarks and milestones to measure your results and keep you motivated. Measuring results would help you to analyse the actual performance of campaigns as compared to your objectives. Track the sources of traffic so that you can know which promotional technique is working better whether its email campaign, online ads or referrals scheme. Analyse results and continue with the most effective methods.