It’s important to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your marketing. To help you get your marketing under control, we’ve compiled our 5 top tips to help you make the most of your marketing and your marketing budget. Read on to see if you’ve got all your marketing under control.


1. Keep your email marketing segmented

A huge amount of effort goes into obtaining your shopper data. It takes time and money to learn how, where and how much your shoppers spend. So now, once you’ve acquired this, why would you send your shoppers blanket email promotions with irrelevant information?

Unfortunately, this happens far too much, and is simply the wrong strategy and it is going to be a waste of your marketing budget.

It sounds extreme, but you should ban blank, carpet emails from day one! A segmented and smart database is a powerful database that will really give you the bang for your marketing buck.


2. Understand the relationship between brands

How you formulate your retail spread is exceptionally important in terms of your marketing. Simply put, some brands do far better when they’re placed close to one another.

For example, a promotion running in a TopShop will directly increase footfall to shops such as Boots and Accessorise, this kind of knowledge in brand spread and promotion targeting is absolutely invaluable.

This can be advanced upon further with a segmented and smarter database, eventually letting your marketing do the heavy lifting for you.


3. Sharing your data to maximise performance

It’s time to take a closer look your data sharing strategy. Having a wealth of data is fantastic, but when it’s not actionable for your centre or your retailers, it’s no good for anyone!

Re-evaluate how much data you’re willing to share and how often. Supplying frequent data samples to your retailers means that it’s actionable and they can work on improving.

Your retailers are your best link to your shoppers, providing your best content and creating and maintaining lasting relationships.


4. Always put the shopper at the centre of your strategy

With every step of the way, ask yourself how and why this benefits your shoppers. Why would my shoppers use this? How would they use this? How would they benefit? Would they understand it?

Are they they going to understand the benefits? For example, in terms of loyalty solution, shoppers that have the freedom to choose different channels such as Apps and Cards, tend to spend more and are engaged with centres and programs for longer.

Always remember that a happy shopper is an engaged shopper and an engaged shopper is a high spender.


5. Measure everything

If you really want to get the most out of your marketing, you need to measure it. If you’re not measuring each campaign or promotion that you’re running, you’re not giving yourself the opportunity to optimise your centre’s marketing. This also means going further than just thinking about your footfall and traffic.

Performance metrics and tracking technologies have evolved, this provides you with a far more complete view of your centre’s marketing and your shoppers.

Furthermore, by measuring the performance of your campaigns and promotions, you can quickly learn what your best marketing strategy and approach to your shoppers should be. This will allow you to set up an automated marketing process involving personalised apps and relevant, timely emails. When you put in some heavy lifting at the start, your marketing will do the work for you.

Shopping Centres are changing in 2017. There is going to be a big focus on experiences in centres, to find out how you can prepare and to also be aware of key trends and shifts in 2017, check out our sparkling infographic.

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