We’ve won the Mapic open stage competition! Here’s Ben Chesser, CEO of Coniq, giving a preview of what we’ll be doing at Mapic this year.

Last week it was announced that Coniq are winners of the Mapic open stage competition. Coniq will be presenting the winning topic, ‘How to build better tenant relationships to maximize shopping centre performance‘ at 14:45 in the Innovation Forum at Mapic in Cannes on the 18th of November.

Mapic is a major industry event gathering 8,400+ international participants, including over 2,400 retailers and 2,300 property developers for 3 days of exhibition, conferences and networking events targeting all types of retail property: city and shopping centres, factory outlets, leisure areas and transit zones.

“Mapic Open Stage is an opportunity for innovative companies of the retail sector to present their concepts.” Explains Mapic’s Director, Nathalie Depetro. “This year, the use and retrieval of data were core preoccupations of the retail property industry.”

In a recent poll, over 50% of retail real estate C-levels stated their top challenge in measuring marketing, developing a loyalty program and gaining data, stems from a lack of tenant engagement. So in response, Coniq’s topic is tackling the challenge head on and will provide key insights into solving the issue.

One of the voters commented that: “For all the talk about ‘Big Data’, the truth is it’s a garbled stream of information that many C-levels fail to fully leverage in the real estate space. It’s important to know what can be leveraged, how it can be leveraged, and the tangible value it delivers to retailers.”

Speaking at the open stage will be Coniq’s CEO, Ben Chesser. Ben has worked with 20+ shopping centres and outlets in the loyalty and engagement space as well as 650+ retail brands. He will be presenting the topic at 14:45, Wednesday 18th November in the Innovation Forum, Palais -1.

He’s also been invited to give another presentation titled ‘What kind of ROI should you expect from a shopping centre loyalty program?‘ You’ll be able to catch this one at 15:00, Thursday 19th November in the Agora Conference Room, Palais -1.

Some of the Coniq team are going to be at Mapic, come over and say hi! We’d love to have a chat. We’ll be in the Palais area at stand: P-1.E95. Alternatively, you can book a time slot with us here.

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