We’ve been working with shopping malls and the hospitality industry to bring about a new age of shopper data for over six years now. As the industry across the globe has developed and grown, we’ve been doing a fair bit of growing as well, and now we’re planting our first roots stateside and opening Coniq New York.

Today, we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we’re beginning our takeover of the states as the Coniq New York office is officially open. We’re looking forward to working with new and existing clients across America to bring our revolution of loyalty, shopper data, customer engagement and all the best bits that come with it.

coniq new york

With nearly 50 malls across Europe, South America, Oceania and with our first malls gearing up for launch in North America, it was time for our journey across the pond to the states. No other country quite does shopping malls, retail and the food and beverage industry like America. Some of the most iconic malls and retail units exist in the US, as well as a world renowned hospitality industry, which we’re well versed in thanks to some of our meat fanatic UK clients.

coniq new york

So, why did we set up shop in New York? Well, there’s no other city quite like it. Similar to London, New York is a unique metropolitan hub which reflects the way we work, and everyone in our ever growing Coniq family. We also couldn’t pass on the pizza and hot dogs.

On the opening of Coniq New York, our CEO Ben commented: ‘Opening an office in the states has always been a goal of ours and I’m thrilled and proud of our teams across the globe when I look at where we are today. America’s shopping malls, retail and F&B industry is renowned across the world and we’re excited to bring some revolutionary Coniq tech and magic stateside.’

Our New York office really compliments our strong presence in Europe by adding the first step into a dynamic and exciting market to work alongside our offices in the UK, Spain, France, Germany and Macedonia. So don’t worry if you’re not based in the states, chances are, we’ll still be nearer to you than you think.

With our new office, it’s a perfect moment to grab some meeting time with us at ICSC RECon next week. So if you’re heading to the conference, get in touch with us below and let’s have a chat.

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