Breaking the World Kitesurfing Record

After an unsuccessful attempt at breaking the ‘selfie’ world record at the recent ICSC conference in Berlin, the Coniq team weren’t giving up. Here at Coniq, we are pretty keen on extreme sports, with Kitesurfing being a favourite pastime for Danielle, our Marketing Manager and Justin, our Commercial Director…

So without further ado, we are pleased to announce that yesterday, together with 421 kitesurfers, they took the Guinness World Record from South Africa. This was for the largest parade of kitesurfers to complete a mile course at the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada Charity Fundraiser at Hayling Island, UK.

As you can imagine this is quite tricky, as each participant has around 22 metres of line between themselves and their kite, so launching and landing so many kites together was quite a logistical challenge! 

A big well done to Danielle and Justin for completing the course and doing Coniq proud!!

Want to get involved next time?

Please let us know if you are interested in any further kitesurf missions/sessions with the Coniq team! We would be happy to arrange some around conferences or when you are in London (We frequent the coast regularly). We can’t think of a better way to network, than Richard Branson-style on the beach!

Here are the highlights from the press on the kitesurfing challenge