CFO, Coniq

Here at Coniq we all watched the EU referendum debate very closely, as most of the London tech sector did.
We are a proudly and profoundly European company; we serve clients across seven EU countries, employ staff hailing from six EU countries, work with technology providers in three EU countries, and have a wholly owned subsidiary in one EU country.
 Whatever the eventual outcome of the next few years of inevitably drawn out negotiation, we will always have one foot in the EU and one foot in London. Our Data is stored securely in Dublin, our communications are sent from Paris, and we have staff in Spain. We will continue to comply with all relevant EU and UK legislation (as well as any national laws that apply to us).
This means that, if the worst came to the worst, we could serve clients while keeping all the data and financial relationships within the EU.
It’s not something we envisage requiring, but it’s good to know that in the uncertain times ahead we don’t anticipate any disruption for our clients, or any disruption to our on-going mission to build the best customer engagement tools available to the Shopping Centre Industry – anywhere in the world.
Jamie Waldegrave, CFO @ Coniq