Chilango increase off-peak sales up to £400 per day

By April 23, 2012Blog

Footfall123 is now trading as Coniq.


  • CLIENT:  Chilango
  • INDUSTRY:  Mexican Restaurant
  • SITES: 4
  • LOCATION:  Various sites in London and Kent
  • WEB:

Chilango serves fresh, fabulously tasty Mexican food. Chilango is Mexican slang for someone who’s moved to Mexico City looking for fun and adventure.

Chilango wanted a way to ensure that their normally quiet periods could be filled with customers.

On Monday mornings, using Footfall123, Chilango sends an email to their database offering a 2-for-1 deal for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday lunchtimes. This email contains an offer barcode that can easily be scanned in store and redeemed.

This offer delivers Chilango up to £400 per day in additional sales and provides visibility of customers eager for off-peak offers. Chilango also focus these offers to balance the number of customers in each of their sites across London.

Using Footfall123 Chilango has ensured a steady stream of customers in their restaurants and increases productivity at off-peak times.

“We wanted a method of immediately driving guests into a specific restaurant at a specific time. Footfall123 allowed us to do this with ease and also helped us record the results of the promotion instantly.”