The Coniq team attended and sponsored MAPIC in sunny Cannes last week (18-21 Nov 2014), the largest retail real estate event in Europe.

Coniq CEO, Ben Chesser, took to the stage at the Innovation Forum to talk through some of the key learnings from over 15 shopping centres and town centre schemes across Europe, including one of Coniq’s largest clients – Value Retail. Presenting on the first day of the conference and joined by Value Retail’s Customer Engagement Manager, Jon Hersom, Chesser offered his insight into the most crucial points to consider for successful shopper engagement and omni-channel marketing.

  • Who are the right shoppers for your centre and how do they really shop?
  • How to turn those shoppers into frequent, loyal and higher spending customers?
  • How to get brands to really engage with your marketing schemes?
  • What’s the role of Apps in omni-channel shopping centre marketing?

Watch the live session here:

Here’s a quick summary of Coniq’s 7 top tips for ‘Taking Shopper Engagement to the Next Level’:

image (1) 1) Remember consumers are lazy – Every action you ask your customers to take, loses you half your audience. A 5 step process means you’ve already lost 97% of them before you even start.  Simplify the process as much as you can; keep it simple and seamless.

2) Be sure to engage tenants and staff – Tenants are your weakest link… and your best friend. It is important to engage your tenants and staff in the shops. Get the staff  involved and give them a reason to enjoy the scheme. It is essential that your staff are on board, as without them the scheme will be less effective and in the worst case scenario, simply not work.

3) Keep it simple – If you are going to build an app, a website or an email campaign do not make it too complex. Focus on the key things and do those really well.

4) Personalisation is key – Make your scheme and offers interesting and relevant to keep users interested and engaged. A great way of doing this is through personalising your communications and offers.

5) Remember an app is not a CRM program – It is only part of a CRM program. The app is not at the middle, it is part of a much bigger picture. The focus should be on the individual shopper themselves. The app should be part of an integrated system and not stand alone.

6) Footfall is dead –  Footfall is no longer sufficient as a sole measurement for shopper engagement, rather, it is about conversion.

7) Don’t re-invent the wheel – There is a lot of existing technology already out there that you can use, making it often unnecessary to create the technology yourself. Use technology that already works – it will save you a lot of time, money and effort.

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