Atzavara loyalty cards make customers feel special

By May 9, 2012Blog

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  • CLIENT:  Atzavara
  • INDUSTRY: Restaurant
  • SITES: 1
  • LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain
  • WEB:

Atzavara is a vegetarian restaurant, whose Head Chef, Nacho del Castillo is an expert in health and nutrition. Atzavara provides healthy, therapeutic dishes with fresh and natural ingredients that help counter everyday excesses.

Atzavara gave loyalty cards to their regular customers so they could be rewarded every time they visited the restaurant.The Atzavara cards are extra special and provide customers more offers, and more benefits, the more they use them.

This has increased the frequency of customers visits by 30% in just one month. With the (extra special) Footfall123 loyalty cards it is possible to change the offers at any time and to have multiple offers running in parallel. This makes customers look forward to new promotions and allows Atzavara to respond quickly to customer demand.

“The Footfall123 loyalty cards have made my customers very happy. They feel special, they visit more often and I can always surprise them with a different offer.”